June Masterclass: Creating a Website that Converts replay now available within the Society

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Get published - learn the HOW and the WHY of getting published to grow your business in a smart way that focuses on profit and purpose rather than popularity.


Customer Centric Marketing - learn how to speak to your customer and create a business and brand with the CUSTOMER at the center rather than the business.


Marketing for Location - How to market online when location MATTERS. Learn to target specific areas using social media, your website, and more.


Creating a Website that Converts - Learn to set up your website to increase conversions and work WITH user psychology!


Creating a Personal Brand with guest panelists, Rachel May Clarke, Shean Strong, Laura Ritchie of Grit + Grace, Hayley Paige, Whitney Winkler, and more! NOW AVAILABLE FOR REPLAY!


Growing Your Email List Using Free Resources: Replay now available within the Society

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Past topics include: Intro to Facebook Ads, Breaking Into the Luxury Market, The Psychology of Pricing, Instagram Stories Strategies, Simplified Blogging, and more!



Digital marketing and social media courses all in one spot! No more purchasing course after course.


Monthly content guides, Masterclasses, and Q&A sessions to keep your marketing on track, automated, diversified, and simplified. 


A community of likeminded creatives working together to better themselves and their businesses. 

You KNOW you need to market your business and you KNOW digital marketing is the way to go but...

why does it feel like you are always wasting precious time? You spend hour after hour clicking on platform after platform and nothing seems to be moving the needle in your business!

In the end, you feel...

"There's not enough time in the day to do all the parts of my business!"

"I have followers, but why am I not booking any clients?"

"I'm just so overwhelmed with learning one more thing!" 

Being a business today's digital world can be beyond confusing! You have something incredible to contribute to the world, you just simply need to be placed in front of the right people, in the right way. 

This is where digital marketing comes in. 

Now imagine this...

You have a vision. You have goals, You have a plan. You have priorities. You have focus. 

You don't spend hours clicking around. 

You have more time to do what you love

Does this sound good?

This is WHY the Society was created! To help you create a plan. To help you make sense of the digital world. To GROW your business. And to do it all in a systemized and strategic way to give you more of what matters most, time. 


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Each month you will get

as part of the Curated Marketing Society

Monthly Masterclasses

New topics are announced every month! February we will have a special guest panel featuring top industry professionals discussing how to break into the luxury market. 

LIVE Q&A Sessions

Coaching the way YOU need it on the topics YOU need help with! Come and ask the things you alway wish you could ask about your business. 


A special way to digitally cowork on the topics we have discussed that month AND get special help along the way! 


Feel like you get lost when it comes to knowing what and when you should publish things? Here's your safety net! Download blank and filled in content guides each month for a little extra help. 


Our newest tool and a HUGE ASSET to this community! Access the Resource Library for past Masterclasses, resources, guides, reviews, and more! Over $1000 worth of content in this library alone! 


Our private, members only community is priceless. Bond with other creatives, learn from each other, network, and grow... TOGETHER! 


"I've been a member of the Curated Marketing Society for awhile and can honestly say its 100% worth the investment! There is more content and advice than I can keep up with, but when I can... it's AMAZING! Thank you Amanda!"

Bonnie Sen
Fine Art Photographer

"The SEO class is changing my life. Halfway through and I feel like a whole world has opened up for me!""

Old Slate Farm
Floral Designer

"Joining the Curated Marketing Society was the smartest thing I did this year! I really had no idea where to start to help my business to grow. What I was doing wasn’t working. As a creative I natural seem to struggle on the business side of things for my company and was just at a loss of what to do. Amanda has so much knowledge and insight into all things business (social media, seo, networking, etc) and has already given me so many tools to help my business grow. I’m so impressed with how she breaks things down to make it very easy to understand and she’s always so helpful with questions. I’ve had so many ah ha moments, just simple tweaks that I never would have thought of on my own. Having access to the community she’s built via Facebook has also been an amazing tool to get feedback and to network. You can really tell she’s passionate about what she does and helping her clients. She’s gone above and beyond to help me and her constant encouragement truly helps drive me! I’ve already seen my business blossom in small ways, so can’t wait to implement all she’s taught me and just watch it take off!"

Kelly Dickinson - Le Champagne Projects
Floral Designer

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Monthly Masterclasses 

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Monthly Content Guides

LIVE Q&A Sessions

Monthly Masterclasses 

Office Hours Sessions 

Private Community 

and more!


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Access to the Resource Library! (over $1000 worth of content!)

Pinterest for Creative Businesses Course! ($237 value!)



I couldn't be more excited that you are interested in growing your business. Business has been my passion for the last 10 years as I grew my photography business, my publication, and transitioned into helping creative entrepreneurs understand the digital marketing world and make waves in their businesses. 

My heart is one of service. I hope you will join me along with an amazing community of talented creatives to clear through the noise, stop wasting time on social media, and spend more time doing the parts of your business you actually love. Together... with coffee. 



Frequently Asked Questions

The Curated Vendor Society will be composed of a core path to take your marketing from scattered to strategic.  Each month, new content will be uploaded for Society members including Masterclasses, Content Guides, Live Q&As, and more!  

Truly the amount of time you commit to growing your business and developing relationships within the Society is entirely up to you! However, after the Core Content is completed additional education should be able to be completed in an hour a week.


We get it! Life happens and learning styles vary. If you decide the Society is not for you, you may cancel any time simply sending us a quick email. 


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