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Curated Marketing Society

Helping you diversify and simplify your digital marketing to reach and book your ideal clients while spend LESS TIME clicking around on social media!

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You KNOW you need to market your business and you KNOW digital marketing is the way to go but...

why does it feel like you are always wasting precious time? You spend hour after hour clicking on platform after platform and nothing seems to be moving the needle in your business!

In the end, you feel...

"There's not enough time in the day to do all the parts of my business!"

"I have followers, but why am I not booking any clients?"

"I'm just so overwhelmed with learning one more thing!" 

Being a business today's digital world can be beyond confusing! You have something incredible to contribute to the world, you just simply need to be placed in front of the right people, in the right way. 

This is where digital marketing comes in. 

Now imagine this...

You have a plan. You have priorities. You have focus. 

You don't spend hours clicking around. 

You have more time to do what you love

Does this sound good?

This is WHY the Society was created! To help you create a plan. To help you make sense of the digital world. To GROW your business. And to do it all in a systemized and strategic way to give you more of what matters most, time. 

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What you will find in the society!

Digital marketing and social media courses all in one spot! No more purchasing course after course.

Monthly content guides, Masterclasses, and Q&As to keep your marketing plan on track, automated, diversified, and simplified.

A community of like minded creatives working together to better themselves and their businesses. 

Frustrated and scattered on your marketing efforts? Spending lots of time clicking on platforms with little reward? Join us as we fine tune our marketing through focused monthly plans, education, and community of support. 


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Benefits of the Society


Take your marketing from scattered to focused with step by step guidance through our 5 stages of business growth. 


Have a simplified and diversified plan of action with monthly content guides, marketing plan creation, and business clarifying education. 


Starting booking your ideal clients, streamlining your digital marketing, and taking steps forward with purpose and clarity. 

"As a one person business, I always had trouble with managing my marketing AND providing my service. With Amanda, I learned better techniques for creating a simplified marketing plan, and I am able to spend time doing what I love."


Hey! I'm Amanda Writesman! 

I am a passionate (and coffee addicted) marketing strategist that has a heart for helping creative entrepreneurs understand digital marketing, grow their business, and tfind joy in the blessing of entrepreneurship!

I've spent years analyzing the patterns and trends of social media, digital marketing, and business to better help creatives combine their passion for their art and services with smart business practices. 

I created the Curated Marketing Society as a passion project to help more creatives fine the clarity (and profits) they are looking for. I believe strongly that power is found in community and together we can build and grow... with a side dose of joy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Curated Vendor Society will be composed of a core path to take your marketing from scattered to strategic.  Each month, new content will be uploaded for Society members including Masterclasses, Content Guides, Live Q&As, and more!  

Truly the amount of time you commit to growing your business and developing relationships within the Society is entirely up to you! However, after the Core Content is completed additional education should be able to be completed in an hour a week.

We are used to seeing courses run from anywhere from $179 to $2500.  The Society was designed with a different goal in mind.  Not just to complete a course but to IMPLEMENT knowledge every single day, week, and month.  As result, membership to the Curated Marketing Society will be a low cost monthly commitment. Founding members will join at a limited time reduced rate which will be announced in coming weeks.

Be sure to sign up for the waitlist to become a Founding Member of the Curated Marketing Society.  Founding Members will be able to give feedback and help develop the site to best fit their needs.  Founding Members will also have the opportunity to join at a reduced rate, the lowest rate we will EVER offer. As long as Founding Members do not cancel, they will keep this low monthly rate for the life of their membership!

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