the founder and dreamer behind the Curated Marketing Society! 

I’m the CEO and Creative Director of Curated Marketing and The Bridal Theory… but it’s not that simple...

From photographer to freelancer to editor to coach, there’s not much inside the wedding industry that I HAVEN’T done! I’ve spent over 12 years building businesses and helping others do the same through some awesome highs and some heavy lows.


This experience has been the cornerstone of my passion for helping others pursue their purpose… all while throwing glitter in the air and being your biggest cheerleader!

Sorry, glitter is not optional.

But why do I say “but it’s not that simple”? 

Because LIKE YOU, I can’t be summed up with one single line of text. YOU are not simply a business owner or a friend or a mom or a coffee addict (hello!). You are a complex and beautiful collage of experience and roles that make for an exciting package.

I am a mother/wife/friend/daughter who has chased my dreams, failed repeatedly, succeeded often, learned a lot, drank GALLONS of coffee, doubted myself, believed in myself when others didn’t, continued when it was hard, created systems, found joy, experienced hurt, and am using all my God given gifts and experience to help others whose business journey has been “not that simple”.

We’ve got this. Together.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

I'm all about

Chasing my purpose and passion. Travel, eating creme brulee in the Tuileries Garden with my best friends, movie night with my sons, wearing sequins, and living life with no regrets.

I'm not about

Mean girl BS, self doubt, being told "no you can't", working jobs that don't fulfill, not giving people a chance, and a lack of coffee. 


The perfect



  • You value the importance of chasing your passion and your purpose with a goal of making a profit.
  • You are open to ideas, understand that no one knows everything, and that learning is a lifetime pursuit.
  • You are interested in contributing to this world through your products and services and what you offer has value!  
  • You are ready to achieve your greatest dreams and leave a legacy. 

Here's how I can help

For one to one coaching, hourly coaching calls, speaking engagements, podcast interviews and more, head to www.amandawritesman.com.


Reels Guide and Idea List 

 Learn to use Reels in an authentic way to connect to your ideal clients and customers. No dancing required.  

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