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How to Conquer the FEAR of Going Live on Social Media

#1 Have a plan

The first step to conquering the fear of going LIVE on social media is to have a plan! Taking time to hash out a basic outline of what you plan to chat about helps give you direction, keeps you from rambling, and will help you seem more professional if that is your goal.  Jot down an Intro, points to cover, and what you will say as you sign off to allow for better flow and less stress. 

#2 Have REASONABLE expectations

I get it, I do.  I have to fight the perfectionist game from time to time.  However social media LIVES are meant to be a bit off the cuff, low production value, personal chats! No one is expecting everything to be perfect or the lighting and sound to compare to your favorite HBO blockbuster.  Give yourself a break! Have a plan, be friendly, try not to repeat non essential words such as um, and just roll with it! 

#3 Remember, it doesn't last forever

In the end, please remember... social media isn't forever.  Don't like how your LIVE went? Delete it.  On Instagram? It will disappear anyways.  Don't let something as impermanent as a social media LIVE stop you from reaching your audience and growing your business!

 #4 Be proud of yourself! 

Putting yourself out there and trying something new is NEVER easy! Be PROUD of yourself and your willingness to try.  Remember that just like anything new, the more you do it, the easier it gets! 


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