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How to use hashtags on Pinterest to grow your reach!

pinterest social media Dec 13, 2019

You're familiar with hashtags... they seem to be everywhere! But did you know that hashtags have made their way to PINTEREST as well!? It's true! This much loved update to the popular "discovery engine" platform is making it easier than ever for your content to be discoverable. Here's the inside scoop on using hashtags on Pinterest... because they do work a little bit different. 


To understand how Pinterest hashtags work just a little different, first you need to understand a little bit about how Pinterest works! Pinterest uses "SEO" to analyze your written and visual content to show your content as the best result for someone's search. This means that when you create a pin about chocolate cake, words like "chocolate cake" "chocolate" "recipe", etc help Pinterest understand your content. Then, when Alice comes along and searches "chocolate cake recipe" on Pinterest, your content is more likely to come up as a result. If you are NOT giving this...

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