How to use hashtags on Pinterest to grow your reach!

pinterest social media Dec 13, 2019

You're familiar with hashtags... they seem to be everywhere! But did you know that hashtags have made their way to PINTEREST as well!? It's true! This much loved update to the popular "discovery engine" platform is making it easier than ever for your content to be discoverable. Here's the inside scoop on using hashtags on Pinterest... because they do work a little bit different. 


To understand how Pinterest hashtags work just a little different, first you need to understand a little bit about how Pinterest works! Pinterest uses "SEO" to analyze your written and visual content to show your content as the best result for someone's search. This means that when you create a pin about chocolate cake, words like "chocolate cake" "chocolate" "recipe", etc help Pinterest understand your content. Then, when Alice comes along and searches "chocolate cake recipe" on Pinterest, your content is more likely to come up as a result. If you are NOT giving this...

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Creating Landing Pages for Instagram: The Whys and Hows

We are BIG believers in keeping things as simple as possible for our customers and clients as well as MAXIMIZING our social media! 

We hear you! It can be super frustrating in the land of Instagram to get people from your feed to your website, especially without the coveted swipe up feature for Instagram Stories. Instagram gives you ONE link in profile.  Frankly, sometimes that one link is NOT enough.  The solution? Custom landing pages for Instagram! Think of these landing pages as the hub for all the things you share about on Instagram! 


1. Choose how you will host your landing page:

The ideal location to host your landing page is on YOUR website! It is always better to send your followers to YOUR website that you have control over rather than a third party site and hope they come back to your website.  Whether you use Wordpress, Square Space, Show It, or other website service, it is pretty simple to make an additional MOBILE FRIENDLY web page....

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How to Conquer the FEAR of Going Live on Social Media

live marketing social media Jun 23, 2019

#1 Have a plan

The first step to conquering the fear of going LIVE on social media is to have a plan! Taking time to hash out a basic outline of what you plan to chat about helps give you direction, keeps you from rambling, and will help you seem more professional if that is your goal.  Jot down an Intro, points to cover, and what you will say as you sign off to allow for better flow and less stress. 

#2 Have REASONABLE expectations

I get it, I do.  I have to fight the perfectionist game from time to time.  However social media LIVES are meant to be a bit off the cuff, low production value, personal chats! No one is expecting everything to be perfect or the lighting and sound to compare to your favorite HBO blockbuster.  Give yourself a break! Have a plan, be friendly, try not to repeat non essential words such as um, and just roll with it! 

#3 Remember, it doesn't last forever

In the end, please remember... social media isn't forever.  Don't...

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5 Creative Ways to Connect on Instagram!

instagram social media Jun 03, 2019

CONNECTION! It's the name of the social media game.  While it's tempting to click away mindlessly on platform after platform, as business owners we should be striving to connect to the people around us on these amazing platforms we've been given.  Never before have we had such an open ability to connect with ideal clients in our markets and around the world the way we can today. But how do we connect on Instagram? Here are 5 creative ways to connect with your audience (or potential audience) on this powerful platform.



Sure, you're using hashtags... but are you FOLLOWING them and CLICKING on them? Spend some time clicking on hashtags related to your industry or service and COMMENTING on posts that are also using those hashtags! Find a new interesting hashtag? Click on that one too! Go down the hashtag rabbit hole and connect with others along the way!



We know you're watching......

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Top 5 Tools I Couldn't Operate Without

business social media tools May 12, 2019


Honeybook is a Client Management System we have fallen head over heels for! Manage contracts, have individual workspaces for your clients, and organize all elements on client events in one safe and secure place! 

Try Honeybook and save 50%! 



Tailwind is the KEY component of our Pinterest marketing strategy! This robust Pinterest scheduler takes the guess work out of Pinterest and allows for a consistent pinning schedule that results in major activity growth.

Try Tailwind!



Emails, landing pages, opt-ins, everything you need is available through Mailchimp! BONUS you can utilize the free version of Mailchimp as you build your mailing list. So far, Mailchimp has been our favorite option for all our email campaigns. 




Convenient and accessible everywhere, we love the user friendly approach of PayPal.  We could not do business without this universally accepted tool of...

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The Curated Marketing Society is coming!

Uncategorized May 03, 2019


It's been hard to keep the secret around here as we prepare to launch something we are so passionate and excited about! The Curated Marketing Society is coming and we'd love for you to be the first to know when we launch, how to become a founding member, and all the bonuses associated with joining during our Beta Launch! 


To find out FIRST about what we are up to, join our waitlist! Just click here!

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