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Creating Landing Pages for Instagram: The Whys and Hows

We are BIG believers in keeping things as simple as possible for our customers and clients as well as MAXIMIZING our social media! 

We hear you! It can be super frustrating in the land of Instagram to get people from your feed to your website, especially without the coveted swipe up feature for Instagram Stories. Instagram gives you ONE link in profile.  Frankly, sometimes that one link is NOT enough.  The solution? Custom landing pages for Instagram! Think of these landing pages as the hub for all the things you share about on Instagram! 


1. Choose how you will host your landing page:

The ideal location to host your landing page is on YOUR website! It is always better to send your followers to YOUR website that you have control over rather than a third party site and hope they come back to your website.  Whether you use Wordpress, Square Space, Show It, or other website service, it is pretty simple to make an additional MOBILE FRIENDLY web page. Another option is to create a landing page through an email hosting service such as Mailchimp, but ideally you will keep your followers ON your website! 

2. Name your Landing Page to stay organized:

When it comes to naming your landing page, keep your URL in mind! You will want to keep it short, sweet, and obvious.  We suggest a simple  This will not look confusing when in your Instagram profile, turning potential clickers away. It will also keep you organized in the back end of your website. Your landing page does NOT need to show up on your website in menus and will just remain an unlinked page exclusively for use on Instagram. 

3. Design your Landing Page

Your first priority in designing your landing page is to make sure the page will be mobile friendly. Since nearly 100% of your clickthroughs will come from people scrolling Instagram on mobile devices, this is a crucial first step!  When designing your landing page, you can keep it simple and make a basic link list using clickable images, buttons, or simple links. Want to take it a step further? Keep it simple, but add imagery, additional buttons, descriptions, and more! As long as it includes the necessary information, is mobile friendly, and links to multiple pages, you have what you need! Keep it simple or get design crazy! 

4. Decide what content to include:

What you include on your Instagram landing page should be based on what you share on your Instagram profile. If you blog, make it easy to get to your recent blog posts or specific blog posts. Have products? Make sure your followers can get to shop quickly and easily! Information about your products and services is also a crucial piece of information to include! 

For more ideas on what to include on your Instagram landing page to increase conversions, download our FREE GUIDE! 

5. Post your URL to your Instagram Account:

Here comes the fun part! SHARE your new landing page in the bio section of your Instagram profile! Don't forget to do a little marketing as well and announce the change on your feed and Instagram stories! You'll be surprised how many people will be interested in your new feature! 



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